How can I help you

How Can I Help You?

Can you imagine living your best life? A life where you achieve your goals, meeting each new day with the confidence and joy that comes from fully realising all that you are. A life where the positive changes you desire become your reality.

Whether you want to overcome old habits, manage your anxiety, adopt a healthier lifestyle or bring some other positive change into your life I can help you achieve these goals.

I am totally committed to your new life, the life that you deserve.

How will I help you ?

I will work with you to identify your goals.

I will create an individual personalised treatment plan to support you in moving towards their achievement.

We will work together, using the potential and power of your subconscious mind, to begin to make change happen for you.

What will I help you with ?

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AnxietyEveryone experiences anxiety at times but when it starts to interfere with daily life it may be time to seek support. Hypnotherapy can help overcome the feelings of overwhelm and loss of confidence by introducing positive suggestions to your subconscious mind, within hypnosis. In this way you can learn more useful ways to manage the triggers (i.e. the causes) of your anxiety and more productive ways to respond when faced with these situations. In the process, you will become more aware of your own inner strengths and learn how to draw upon these effectively.
InsomniaHypnotherapy for insomnia works on two levels. Firstly, you will learn powerful strategies and techniques to help you relax and then fall asleep more easily. Secondly, we can begin to explore the root causes of your insomnia and use this knowledge to target the influencing thought patterns and behaviours to reduce or eradicate their impact upon your sleep pattern.
Pain ManagementHypnotherapy encourages you to more effectively manage the feelings that your pain has been causing. You will learn how to manage the fear, anxiety and stress linked to your pain with greater ease and how to engage in deep levels of relaxation, impacting positively upon the way your body reacts to the presenting pain.
Parkinson’sHypnotherapy can help you to come to terms with the emotional impact of living with Parkinson’s and may also impact positively upon your symptomatic experience.
PhobiasHypnotherapy allows you to exchange your existing fear response (when faced with your phobia) to one that is more productive. Using hypnosis, I can work with you to reduce your feelings of anxiety, transform your unhelpful thought and belief patterns, and develop new strategies to support you in moving forward.
Self-ConfidenceAs we move through life we all have negative experiences that create unhelpful thoughts and beliefs. Our subconscious mind holds onto these, with the intention of protecting us, resulting in these thoughts and beliefs becoming wholly responsive every time we find ourselves in a similar situation. The good news is that it is possible to challenge and transform these thoughts and beliefs so that they become more positive and reality based by capitalizing on the increased suggestibility of your subconscious mind within hypnosis.
Smoking CessationYour smoking habit is maintained by the way you think about cigarettes and the daily routine your habit supports. A change in your thinking is needed to break this habit. When your thinking changes your behaviour will change too. Hypnotherapy can make this change a reality for you.
StressHypnotherapy can equip you to more effectively manage the situations that cause you stress by changing the way you think about and respond to them. Within a state of hypnosis, your subconscious mind will be open to suggestions of new ways of thinking and responding that are more productive and will create more positive outcomes for you.
Teacher Related Anxiety and StressAs a former teacher I have lived experience of the many faces of anxiety and stress that school life can bring. Through hypnotherapy we can work together to meet your specific needs. Whilst we may feel powerless to change our environments, having the capacity to change how we choose to perceive, manage and respond to them can be hugely empowering.
Unhelpful HabitsIt is easy to develop unhelpful habits in response to situations that we find challenging. Working with the triggers that are causing these habits, hypnotherapy enables you to develop new, more helpful and productive responses.
Weight LossThrough hypnotherapy, you can learn new ways of thinking and relating to food that will help break the cycle of emotional eating. You will also find it easier to lose weight safely and responsibly. As you explore along the way the close links between healthy eating and exercise, you can develop a new understanding of how to maintain your weight loss and how to avoid the cycle of yo-yo dieting.

If you are looking for hypnotherapy to help with another issue not mentioned specifically here, please contact me directly to discuss your options informally.

I provide treatment in person at the Garden Room, Manse Road, Linlithgow, or within your home in Lothian, West Lothian and Falkirk regions. I also provide online hypnotherapy nationwide.

Following the start of your treatment, you will receive a complementary relaxation recording for daily use to maintain momentum between sessions.

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