About Anne-Marie Parham

About Anne-Marie

A Personal Note


It took me over half a lifetime to discover hypnotherapy.

I came to it under the control of chronic pain.

I now understand how to manage my pain and reduce its impact upon my life.

I have taken back control.

The difference was life changing.

Hypnotherapy was the first approach I’d ever come across that helped me to understand that the solutions lie within us, if only we have the commitment and an empathic and skilled guide to show the way.

This is why I became a hypnotherapist, to share that knowledge that we can all create positive life changes, using the tools within us, in our subconscious minds, to create the solutions we need.

I am now more focused and more confident.

I can now realistically look at the past as an “old story”, knowing now that I have the choice whether to make that my story today or write a new one.

Hypnotherapy has brought me freedom, freedom to make choices, freedom to be who I am and freedom to live the life I want.

Hypnotherapy has transformed my life completely and I want to help you transform your life in the same way.


About me

I am a clinical hypnotherapist, accredited with The General Hypnotherapy Register, the UK’s largest professional hypnotherapy body.

I am registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

I am passionate about hypnotherapy and the capacity of our unconscious minds to effect positive change, having experienced for myself the life-changing impact it can bring.

I enjoy helping people find solutions. I previously worked as an outreach teacher which gave me the opportunity to help both children and adults to overcome life challenges. I have a broad experience in working with children including those with communication difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and complex needs. They were my best teachers and taught me the value of listening, both to what is spoken and what remains unsaid.

It has been a joy to realise through my lived working experience that positive change ripples out from the individual to the many lives they touch.

I have a special interest in working with clients living with Parkinson’s following a very dear friend of mine receiving his diagnosis some years ago. A diagnosis of Parkinson’s is life changing. Working together using hypnotherapy I can help you come to terms with your diagnosis and support you in the management of your symptoms.

I welcome the opportunity to work with both neurotypical and neurodiverse clients. 

I believe we are all unique and deserving of that uniqueness to be recognised. Our first step together is having a chat to explore how hypnotherapy can help you. I’ll then work with you, using a range of approaches, including a complementary relaxation recording for you to play between sessions.

GHR RegisteredGHSC Accredited

CNHC RegisteredParkinson's Aware
APHP Verified Member

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