Anne Marie has managed to help me move forward with my block with Diabetes. I am now moving in the right direction.
Her calm reassuring manner gained my trust and she is always professional. She has a lovely way of finding the information needed and I always felt at ease.

A big thank you, Anne Marie.


I was having severe anxiety issues that were sabotaging my romantic relationship. Thanks to Signature Hypnotherapy my anxiety is now much reduced and I can focus and enjoy the strong relationship that we have. Signature Hypnotherapy helped me turn things round.


I came to Anne-Marie with a sleep issue. She produced some wonderful stories (she called them metaphors) for me that were very relaxing. I can only liken the experience to having Anne-Marie as a dream guide, taking me to wonderful imaginary places. I even danced in a fountain while I was there which was a true joy. Her voice is very soothing and comforting.

I had a few sessions concentrating on the issue which helped. Then later we reinforced the helpful therapy in other sessions. My sleep issue all but disappeared very quickly, which was quite a shock to me. I would happily recommend her services to anyone.


I went to Signature Hypnotherapy with two marathons coming up in October and wanting to achieve my fastest times. With only 1 session I was able to run more confidently and remain focused throughout the race and pushing through the pain barrier around mile 19. I ended up running my fastest ever marathon and also achieving one of my fastest recovery periods post marathon. I cannot recommend Signature Hypnotherapy enough and will be using their professional and expert services again when I have another marathon. 


After years of biting and picking my finger nails and quite often making them bleed which was painful and sometimes embarrassing, I plucked up the courage and made an appointment with Anne-Marie at Signature Hypnotherapy.

Having never used hypnotherapy before I must say I was rather sceptical on what success I might have and felt nervous prior to my appointment with Anne-Marie which was a consultation meeting to give Anne-Marie a bit of history and to get to know me better which gave me great reassurance that I was dealing with a professional which made feel more at ease for my next appointment at which would include hypnotherapy.

When I went for my next appointment rather than being nervous I was very much looking forward to it and Anne-Marie gave me the very comforting feeling that I was in good hands.

I am now delighted to say that I have stopped biting and picking my fingers and this has been quite astonishing and my only regret is that I didn’t go years ago and I would have no hesitation in recommending Signature Hypnotherapy, a truly life changing experience for me and I can`t thank Anne-Marie enough.


Anne-Marie always puts you at ease in each session. It’s a deeply relaxing experience. Whether face-to-face or Zoom, each seem to be equally effective . I would recommend hypnotherapy (for any doubters out there) – it works!


I have never had therapy, of any type before, and acknowledge that at the start, I was definitely sceptical of its efficacy, for me. However, I was having progressive problems primarily with sleep & somewhat irrational worrying about my health. I’d tried various herbal remedies and sleep / relaxation apps but largely to no avail. I took my wife’s counsel: I eventually decided to try hypnotherapy as I’d, perhaps judgementally, decided that I didn’t want to simply, ‘talk things over’ with someone.

I looked up online, for local hypnotherapy practitioners, and Anne-Marie replied. From the initial Zoom ‘introductory meeting’, Anne-Marie was very professional & thorough. She was very willing to accommodate my preconceived notions and carefully explained her proposed plan & methodology. The series of weekly sessions were also extremely professional: it’s very clear that Anne-Marie prepares very thoroughly for these; they are structured carefully yet, from my perspective, seemed extremely relaxing & strangely reassuring. I never once felt things were out with my control yet I did feel definite & cumulative benefit. By the end the course, I felt a vast improvement overall and, importantly, felt Anne-Marie had imparted both wisdom and little techniques that made perfect sense to me.

Overall, this hypnotherapy course was a blessing in disguise, vastly better than my initial scepticism had allowed me to hope. For me, it was very clear that Anne-Marie was working very hard to get me back to an even-keel, despite her repeatedly saying that it was me doing the work, it’s unequivocally the case that without her expertise, I wouldn’t have gotten there. I am indebted to Anne-Marie and will indubitably ask for her professional advice without hesitation, should the need ever arise.

Thank you.


Over the last few years I had developed a fear of driving on motorways and the bypass, it had reached the point that I felt unable to go and see friends or attend events that would involve a journey on the motorway. On the occasions that I did have to drive or be a passenger on the motorway I felt sheer panic and distress for the duration of the journey, having previously been a confident driver with no negative experiences I was at a complete loss as to how to overcome this. I attended two appointments with Anne-Marie with the goal of overcoming my fear. Anne-Marie was lovely and made me feel safe and relaxed during the sessions. Since the sessions I have managed to make journeys on the motorway and the bypass with much less or no anxiety or fear. The results have truly been life changing and I’m so glad I tried it. I would say if you are experiencing anything similar to give it a try! 


Please note that until 8/7/22 I will be providing a reduced email support service due to travel commitments.