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Whatever change you may be seeking…

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Your story, your potential, your goals.

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“Hypnotherapy has transformed my life completely.
I invite you to discover that transformation too.”

Anne-Marie Parham

About Anne-Marie


My daughter was really worried about her exams after poor results in her mock exams/prelims. Following an initial conversation with Anne-Marie she very tentatively had an initial hypnotherapy session.  It was fantastic and really helped her confidence.  After only a few sessions, her attitude to the exams and her confidence was transformed. 


Very genuine woman, treated my issue with care and respect and made me feel very comfortable during the process. I have noticed surprising changes in the relevant areas and will continue to employ the techniques I have learnt from Anne-Marie. It is easy to see she puts a lot of time and care into her work and that my healing was at the forefront of her mind. She went over and above in my experience. I totally recommend this woman, I wasn’t disappointed on any level.


Anne-Marie is a practitioner who I found empathic and caring. She pays great attention to detail, and works very effectively towards the achievement of one’s goals. I am on the Autistic Spectrum, so my anxiety is often heightened around meeting new people or starting new ventures, but I always felt very at ease with Anne-Marie, and I always felt that I was in safe hands. As a result of a fairly brief course of work together, my general anxiety is greatly improved and I am able to more observe it than get ‘caught up in it’. This is a fantastic shift for me. I also have managed to stop drinking alcohol, which was not my main objective, but I seem to have done this with relative ease, and I know that it will have far reaching positive effects in the rest of my life.


I first contacted Anne-Marie in order to help with weight loss.
I soon found out though that there were a few issues to work through before the subject of weight loss came up again. My sessions passed so quickly I couldn’t believe an hour had passed!

I have no hesitation in recommending Signature Hypnotherapy and would like to say a big thank you to Anne-Marie.


I have a neurological disease and Anne-Marie came to our support group to tell us a bit about hypnotherapy and afterwards I was so intrigued I got in contact next day and arranged to have some sessions to help with weight loss and cope with some of the side effects of my condition.

Anne-Marie zoomed me for the first session and I was sceptical of this new experience. After what was like 15 minutes of listening to her soothing voice I thought yeah it was relaxing but the 15 minutes I thought were unbelievably 1 hour according to my clock. It was so surreal to have been hypnotised and being aware of every word, being so relaxed. So a few, quite a few (lol) sessions later and my weight loss regime was definitely easier, relaxation was great and any sleep issues were remedied by listening to recordings. So thank you Anne-Marie for introducing me to hypnotherapy and its amazing powers.


I had 2 sessions with Anne-Marie regarding my fear of flying as I was going to America. I was blown away with how it worked for me, normally I need a good drink to get on the plane and even then I don’t move out my seat and I have puddles of sweat in the palm of hands. I usually get really anxious about a week before I fly. Well, on the 10 and 1/2 hour flight I didn’t need to drink alcohol and I was up and down to the toilet. I even played a game. I can’t thank Anne-Marie enough and would definitely recommend her to anyone for fear of flying. Her calming nature really put me at ease so thanks again Anne-Marie.


I have had numerous hypnotherapy sessions with Anne-Marie where she guided me through a journey of internal exploration in order to come to grips with my anxiety. Her positive energy and caring nature made the experience a safe environment to work through deep rooted issues. For me it provided a great help when I needed it most.


I started hypnosis with Anne-Marie as a way to help me out of a difficult period in my life. I needed a way to stop the anxiety I was suffering from due to a number of factors which collided at the same time. 

I found Anne-Marie to be warm, calm and very easy to talk to. She put me at ease from the start and she used her knowledge and expertise very effectively. Anne-Marie has a variety of strategies in her tool kit and will endeavour to find the ones that work for her clients. 

 Hypnosis is a powerful tool and can help recover from life’s events. I suggest you try it and meet Anne-Marie as I know she will do her best to help you overcome any difficulties you are going through.

I have no hesitation in recommending Signature Hypnotherapy whatever your personal journey may be – you may well be pleasantly surprised at the outcome!


I went to see Anne-Marie recently as there was something that had been bothering me for some time.  She was very warm & professional and patient.  I felt listened to and understood.  Anne-Marie was able to help me re-define my beliefs about myself, the problem and life.  My issue soon became a thing of the past!!!!  I highly recommend Anne-Marie!  Thank you!!!!


The experience of calm and clarity was breathtaking after hypnosis with Anne-Marie. I was able to relax and slip into the deep state very quickly with her meditative voice. It was quite an emotional experience but I felt safe and unhurried. I am able now to use associations and techniques in my everyday life to help re-centre myself.


I found the experience transforming and enabling a personal journey, insight and strategies to cope with anxiety.  Anne-Marie is very professional and I would certainly use the service for relaxation or further hypnotherapy sessions if required.


Over the last few years I had developed a fear of driving on motorways and the bypass, it had reached the point that I felt unable to go and see friends or attend events that would involve a journey on the motorway. On the occasions that I did have to drive or be a passenger on the motorway I felt sheer panic and distress for the duration of the journey, having previously been a confident driver with no negative experiences I was at a complete loss as to how to overcome this. I attended two appointments with Anne-Marie with the goal of overcoming my fear. Anne-Marie was lovely and made me feel safe and relaxed during the sessions. Since the sessions I have managed to make journeys on the motorway and the bypass with much less or no anxiety or fear. The results have truly been life changing and I’m so glad I tried it. I would say if you are experiencing anything similar to give it a try!


I have never had therapy, of any type before, and acknowledge that at the start, I was definitely sceptical of its efficacy, for me. However, I was having progressive problems primarily with sleep & somewhat irrational worrying about my health. I’d tried various herbal remedies and sleep / relaxation apps but largely to no avail. I took my wife’s counsel: I eventually decided to try hypnotherapy as I’d, perhaps judgementally, decided that I didn’t want to simply, ‘talk things over’ with someone.

I looked up online, for local hypnotherapy practitioners, and Anne-Marie replied. From the initial Zoom ‘introductory meeting’, Anne-Marie was very professional & thorough. She was very willing to accommodate my preconceived notions and carefully explained her proposed plan & methodology. The series of weekly sessions were also extremely professional: it’s very clear that Anne-Marie prepares very thoroughly for these; they are structured carefully yet, from my perspective, seemed extremely relaxing & strangely reassuring. I never once felt things were out with my control yet I did feel definite & cumulative benefit. By the end the course, I felt a vast improvement overall and, importantly, felt Anne-Marie had imparted both wisdom and little techniques that made perfect sense to me.

Overall, this hypnotherapy course was a blessing in disguise, vastly better than my initial scepticism had allowed me to hope. For me, it was very clear that Anne-Marie was working very hard to get me back to an even-keel, despite her repeatedly saying that it was me doing the work, it’s unequivocally the case that without her expertise, I wouldn’t have gotten there. I am indebted to Anne-Marie and will indubitably ask for her professional advice without hesitation, should the need ever arise.

Thank you.


Anne-Marie always puts you at ease in each session. It’s a deeply relaxing experience. Whether face-to-face or Zoom, each seem to be equally effective . I would recommend hypnotherapy (for any doubters out there) – it works!


After years of biting and picking my finger nails and quite often making them bleed which was painful and sometimes embarrassing, I plucked up the courage and made an appointment with Anne-Marie at Signature Hypnotherapy.

Having never used hypnotherapy before I must say I was rather sceptical on what success I might have and felt nervous prior to my appointment with Anne-Marie which was a consultation meeting to give Anne-Marie a bit of history and to get to know me better which gave me great reassurance that I was dealing with a professional which made feel more at ease for my next appointment at which would include hypnotherapy.

When I went for my next appointment rather than being nervous I was very much looking forward to it and Anne-Marie gave me the very comforting feeling that I was in good hands.

I am now delighted to say that I have stopped biting and picking my fingers and this has been quite astonishing and my only regret is that I didn’t go years ago and I would have no hesitation in recommending Signature Hypnotherapy, a truly life changing experience for me and I can`t thank Anne-Marie enough.


I went to Signature Hypnotherapy with two marathons coming up in October and wanting to achieve my fastest times. With only 1 session I was able to run more confidently and remain focused throughout the race and pushing through the pain barrier around mile 19. I ended up running my fastest ever marathon and also achieving one of my fastest recovery periods post marathon. I cannot recommend Signature Hypnotherapy enough and will be using their professional and expert services again when I have another marathon. 


I came to Anne-Marie with a sleep issue. She produced some wonderful stories (she called them metaphors) for me that were very relaxing. I can only liken the experience to having Anne-Marie as a dream guide, taking me to wonderful imaginary places. I even danced in a fountain while I was there which was a true joy. Her voice is very soothing and comforting.

I had a few sessions concentrating on the issue which helped. Then later we reinforced the helpful therapy in other sessions. My sleep issue all but disappeared very quickly, which was quite a shock to me. I would happily recommend her services to anyone.


I was having severe anxiety issues that were sabotaging my romantic relationship. Thanks to Signature Hypnotherapy my anxiety is now much reduced and I can focus and enjoy the strong relationship that we have. Signature Hypnotherapy helped me turn things round.


Anne Marie has managed to help me move forward with my block with Diabetes. I am now moving in the right direction.
Her calm reassuring manner gained my trust and she is always professional. She has a lovely way of finding the information needed and I always felt at ease.

A big thank you, Anne Marie.


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