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Can hypnotherapy help me stop smoking?

“Can hypnotherapy help me stop smoking?” is a question I am often asked. In this blog, I will define hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and explain how hypnotherapy works. I will then consider why this is a valuable method of helping you to stop smoking, not just for this week, month or year, but for good. To conclude, I will outline the main aspects of a smoking cessation treatment.

What is hypnosis ?

Hypnosis is a natural state of awareness that we all move in and out of many times every day. It’s similar to day dreaming. Your mind and body are relaxed… and you find, that without really trying, you are able to focus on just one thing, easily, perfectly, completely.

What is hypnotherapy ?

Hypnotherapy happens when you and I work together to create that state of hypnosis and use it to help you achieve the positive life goals you desire.

How does hypnotherapy work ?

When you are in hypnosis your conscious mind, (the part that is always questioning and analysing), is quietened. This allows your unconscious mind, (the part that is creative), to accept more easily the ideas and suggestions it receives to create the positive change that you desire.

Can hypnotherapy help me stop me smoking ?

Yes it can.

How can hypnotherapy help me stop smoking ?

Hypnotherapy tackles the problem at its source; the roots of your addiction.

Hypnotherapy recognises the immensely powerful mind/body connection and, unlike many other therapies, tackles your addiction at both a physical and cognitive level,  by changing the subconscious programming that has enabled you to be a smoker up until now. Through hypnosis your subconscious mind is re-programmed.

This brings 6 key benefits.

  1. You will find that you no longer reach for a cigarette instinctively at times when you want to relax, take some time out or are feeling bored or uncomfortable. Instead, you will now find yourself able to respond to these situations in new, more healthy ways.
  2. You will find your relationship with smoking has changed. As you start to think differently about smoking it will no longer be an attractive option for you.
  3. As you become more and more aware of the many dangers of smoking your motivation to stop will increase.
  4. You now focus on your health and commit to making positive choices for your life.
  5. Equipped with your new mindset, you can manage withdrawal symptoms more easily.
  6. Your identity is changed. You now think, act and identify as a non-smoker.

What happens in a smoking cessation treatment ?

At the initial consultation stage we will have discussed fully why you believe it is important for you to stop smoking now, your history with smoking, and  the difference it will make to your life when you become a non-smoker.

The smoking cessation session begins by relaxation leading to you  to enter into a state of trance where your subconscious mind is relaxed, highly focused and receptive to positive suggestions. Within this state, your reasons for stopping smoking are reinforced and you learn new ways of responding to those occasions where you would have previously reached for a cigarette.

You then experience what life will be like for you as a non-smoker and rehearse these situations by putting your new, positive healthy responses into place. As you do this, you will learn to draw upon your own inner strengths and resources by creating an anchor. This is a special tool that enables you to access the feelings of calmness, confidence and being in control that you already know to be real and powerful from your own lived experience.

You will then consider the negative effects of smoking and experience how this changes your feelings about lighting up a cigarette.

I will then help you to visualise yourself in the future, living life as a non-smoker and enjoying the many healthy benefits it brings.

Finally, you will  return to the present, ready to move forward into your new life, as a non-smoker.

Many clients find that this one, extended session is all they need to stop smoking. However, I also provide the option of a free follow-up session should you feel that you require this at any stage.

Are your ready to stop smoking ?

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