new job anxiety and hypnotherapy

What can you do about new job anxiety ?

What can you do about your new job anxiety? It seems ironic. You’ve finally got the job you wanted but as the day approaches you feel your anxiety grow. You find yourself doubting yourself and your abilities. Perhaps even doubting that you should have applied in the first place…..

The good news is that there are many strategies you can use to help overcome these feelings of anxiety as your start date approaches. As you read on you will discover that by incorporating these simple ideas  you can make a very positive change to  your outlook, your wellbeing and your future performance on day one and beyond.


Identify exactly what is causing your new job anxiety.

Sometimes this can be difficult to do when you feel your head is full of so many different thoughts.

You may find it useful to take some time to either write freely, i.e. just write down everything that comes to mind in a steady stream without worrying about grammar, punctuation or spelling. When you have finished writing in this way you will find that you have a rich source of thoughts and ideas with which to work.

Alternatively, you may find it helpful to start drawing freely, this can be easier for some people because it engages your creativity and avoids you getting caught up in “finding the right word” or thinking too deeply about all the thoughts that are coming to mind.

Either way, once you have completed this exercise you can then identify the individual concerns and take steps to alleviate what you can. We often fear what we do not know or are unsure of.

If, for example, you are anxious about how long it may take you to commute to your new location you might choose to practise the route in advance. If you are worried about sleeping in, you could start setting your alarm for your new wake up time the week before to help your body readjust.


Reflect on the self-care strategies you have in place already.

By focusing on what is already working for you in helping to maintain your feelings of calm you will feel more confident about being able to manage situations that may seem challenging in the future.

For example, if you already use meditation, journaling, yoga, mindfulness, a daily run or perhaps even warm bath before bed, then you can be reassured that these strategies will continue to help you as you move to your new role.

It may also be useful to consider how you can embed some of these strategies within your working day e.g. a run before work, incorporating time to meditate in your lunch hour  or perhaps a mindful walk.


When you are feeling anxious bring yourself back to the here and now.

All anxiety is either future based (i.e. what you anticipate might happen) or past-focused (i.e. reflecting on what happened before). It is good to bring your mind and thoughts back to the present moment. When you do this you can acknowledge how you are feeling right now. You can recognise that your thoughts and feelings are just thoughts and feelings. They are not reality.

In this way you can accept these thoughts and emotions without becoming caught up in them. They are your thoughts and feelings, they are not your reality. Your reality is here and now.


Share your concerns.

When we share our worries we gain a new perspective. We also  benefit from the insight, experience and reassurance of our listeners, our friends and family.

New job anxiety is not unusual. It  is very likely that the people you share with will have their own stories of how they felt when starting a new job too. It can be reassuring to realise that we are not alone in these feelings. Others have gone before us, and they have succeeded as we will succeed too.


Remember why you applied for this job.

Take time to think about the benefits this new job will bring you, whether that is in the form of new challenges, new opportunities, a different lifestyle or personal growth. Focus on these benefits as you move forward. Remind yourself that moving into this new role represents a significant step forward for you, in realising your dreams and goals.


Celebrate that you were the chosen applicant.

Your new employer chose you. They recognised your unique skills, personality, qualifications, experience and strengths.

You may find it helpful to list your personal skills and strengths. If you do, you might then choose the main one that you believe will be most helpful to you in your new role. When you feel worries or doubts arising, focus your mind on that one strength. Breathe deeply and feel that strength within you.


We sometimes read the words “You are enough”.

Remember, you are more than this.

You have been chosen.


If you are having difficulty in managing new job anxiety and would like some help please get in touch. Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to help you manage your anxiety. By replacing the unhelpful thoughts you are experiencing with new, more positive thoughts and approaches, you can experience a very significant change in your outlook, wellbeing and mindset in just a few sessions. Why not contact me today to find out the difference it could make to you ?