Afraid of stopping smoking

Are you afraid of stopping smoking ?

Are you are afraid of stopping smoking? Many people are. In this blog we will consider how to conquer your fears and how hypnotherapy can help you become a nonsmoker for life.

Fear of Failure

“Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.” – Mark Twain

A fear of failure may be linked to previous unsuccessful attempts. However, by considering these attempts as stepping stones towards your ultimate goal of becoming a non-smoker, you can use the lessons learned from these experiences, (both what worked well and what did not), to build a more effective plan to follow this time. Remember, failure is not final, it is only an assessment of a previous effort.

In addition, you may find it helpful to:

  1. Accept that your journey may not be totally smooth. Be kind to yourself. Remember that a relapse en route is no reason to abandon your goal.
  2. Write down the reasons why you want to stop smoking and keep the list within easy reach.
  3. Take time to consider the benefits that stopping smoking will bring, to both your health and to your life.
  4. Be positive – expect to be successful and notice the small victories that you achieve along the way.

Fear of Stress

People frequently associate smoking with stress relief. This is a paradox. Research shows that smokers  experience less stress “in the moment”, (i.e. when smoking) because their stress levels rise when they are between cigarettes. Nicotine dependency effectively creates stress that can only be relieved by having another cigarette, which then creates increased stress when it is finished, leading to the need for a further cigarette to reduce stress levels once again.

It is useful to identify and plan to use other ways to manage your stress, e.g.

  1. Find ways of relaxing that you enjoy and that you can access daily e.g. a warm bath, exercise, meditation.
  2. Choose to spend some time outdoors every day.
  3. Plan for adequate, high quality sleep each night.
  4. Ensure that you nourish your body with healthy food.
  5. Share your thoughts and feelings with family and friends. They will be happy to support you in your journey.

Fear of Difficult Emotions

Stress, irritation, anger and depression may be part of your experience as you withdraw from nicotine, starting within 2-3 hours of your stopping and likely to peak within 2-3 days. These emotions will reduce in intensity after a week until they gradually subside altogether.

This is a time to be especially kind to yourself e.g.

  1. Spend time doing things that you enjoy.
  2. Journal your feelings.
  3. Make time for exercise.
  4. Spend time with your friends.

Fear of Cigarette Cravings

Whilst cravings are inevitable, they are not forever. It is good to remember that a craving will pass within 5-10 minutes whether you reach for a cigarette or not.

To help manage these cravings you can:

  1. Be aware of trigger situations and plan how you will manage these effectively.
  2. Practise relaxation techniques.
  3. Delay taking action for 10 minutes.
  4. Get active – even a short burst of physical activity can help cravings disappear.
  5. Reduce your alcohol and/or caffeine intake (as these can cause further cravings).

Fear of Weight Gain

As smoking suppresses appetite, an initial weight gain is a common occurrence. It is important to remember, however, that stopping smoking brings clear health benefits and will result in your energy levels improving which is likely to lead to increased motivation to exercise in the longer term. By planning ahead you can help counter any potential weight gains e.g.

  1. Include physical exercise each day.
  2. Have a range of healthy snacks available for you to reach for when an urge to snack arises .

How can hypnotherapy help ?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to help you to stop smoking for good.  With hypnotherapy you don’t need to be afraid about stopping smoking as it will entirely change the way in which you think about smoking and your relationship with cigarettes.

You will find a new identity, and as you identify as a nonsmoker, this will be reflected in your thoughts and actions. You will become wholly committed to your new way of life and the health benefits it will bring. Remarkably, this transformation is achieved by many people in just one hypnotherapy session. Contact me today to discover how you can join them.