Hypnotherapy to help keep weight off

Why is it so hard to keep weight off ?

Are you struggling to maintain your weight loss ?

Research suggests that 65% of dieters regain their lost weight within three years.


In this blog I will explore why it is so hard to keep weight off and what steps you can take to ensure that the weight you lose doesn’t find you again.


The reasons why


What were you doing when you were losing weight ?


Restrictive Diets

Diets that eliminate entire food groups are difficult to maintain in the long term as forbidden or banned foods can quickly become the very foods you start to crave.

Rapid-loss Diets

Rapid loss diets cause your metabolism to slow down and burn fewer calories. This happens because your body responds to the reduction in food intake by entering “starvation mode” laying down fat reserves in anticipation of a “famine”.

Exceptional Exercise Routines

Intense exercise routines, (e.g. going to the gym twice daily every day), are difficult to sustain in the long term.


What are you doing now ?



Sitting for long periods is believed to slow your metabolism which can make it more difficult for your body to break down body fat.

The British Heart Foundation suggests rising and moving for five minutes for every thirty minutes you spend sitting down.


Deliberately choosing to take 20-35 minutes of moderately vigorous exercise daily will help you maintain your ideal weight.

In addition, your metabolism will be boosted too, and you will notice a positive shift in your mood.


Planning for Success



Avoid sitting for long periods.

Choose a form of exercise you enjoy.

Plan when you will do it and how you will keep yourself motivated.


Plan your meals.

Consider your food choices and how they will impact upon your health.

Pay attention to portion size.

Think about when and why you are eating, is it hunger or something else ?


Sleep deprivation increases appetite.

Prioritise good quality sleep.


Stress increases appetite and reduces motivation to exercise.

Reduce stress by Including time for relaxation each day.


Are you struggling to lose weight or maintain your weight loss? I can help you achieve your goals more easily by using the power of your subconscious mind to create positive, lasting change by changing the way you think about and relate to food and the ways in which you think about exercise. For a free consultation to learn how hypnotherapy can help you achieve your weight management goals contact me today.