Break free from your phobia.

In this blog I will present an overview of phobias and explain how to break free from your phobia by accessing the  power of your unconscious mind, through hypnotherapy.


Do you have a phobia ?

An extreme and irrational fear ?

Do you spend time thinking about it and how to avoid it ?

You are not alone.

About 10 million people in the UK have a phobia too.

What kind of phobias are there ?

There are five main categories of phobias;

  1. Animals. e.g. cricetophobia (fear of hamsters)
  2. The natural environment. e.g. astraphobia (fear of lightning)
  3. Medical. e.g. tomophobia (fear of operations)
  4. Specific situations. e.g. aerophobia (fear of flying)
  5. Other. e.g.phonophobia (fear of loud noises)

What does a phobia feel like ?

You may experience unexpected and overwhelming feelings of panic and anxiety which can be extremely alarming. As your body goes into “fight or flight” mode, you may also experience physical sensations e.g. sweating, shortness of breath, chest pain, dry mouth and a rapid heartbeat.

The impact of a phobia can vary in severity. For example, if we consider two travellers who share aerophobia, one may become anxious upon entering the plane whilst the other experiences panic upon hearing the sound of aircraft in the distance.

The experience of a phobia is potentially isolating as you make choices to avoid situations that may trigger your fear.

Where do phobias come from ?

Some specific phobias originate directly from our life experiences.

Early childhood experiences often form the basis for simple phobias.

A child  who fell from a tree may now fear heights.

A teenager injured in a rally may now fear all crowds.

Indirect absorption can be a factor as we can learn and unconsciously absorb the fears of those around us.

A mother frightened of spiders may unconsciously pass that fear to her children.

Complex phobias develop during adulthood and impact more severely upon daily life.

Genetics, life experience and brain chemistry may all be contributory factors.

How can hypnotherapy help ?

A phobia creates an extreme fear response in your brain. Every time you think about or experience your phobia in reality this response is strengthened. Your response both physical and emotional, then becomes fully automatic, triggered by any real or perceived associated event.

Working together, we can begin to reset your mind and change your perceptions of the subject of your phobia. Working with your unconscious mind, I can help you change your thinking.

As you change your thinking, your behaviour will change too. New, positive strategies will enable you to move forward,

Breaking free from your phobia is possible by using hypnotherapy to access the power of your unconscious mind.

Most phobias can be successfully treated in just one or two sessions.

If you are ready to break free from your phobia,  take back control and meet the future with confidence,  contact me today.