Is Dry January worth it and how can hypnotherapy help you to stop drinking?

Can Dry January really make a difference to your drinking?

Can Dry January really make a difference to your drinking?

In Dry January, tens of thousands of people across the UK choose to live without alcohol for 31 days. The campaign was initiated in 2013 by Alcohol Change UK as a way of enabling people to experience the benefits of being alcohol free for one month.  Of course, not everyone who would want to engage with the process is able to begin on January 1st. Alcohol UK recognise this fact by providing supporting resources throughout the year so that you can start at the most appropriate time for you.

How effective can 31 days of not drinking be?

By stopping drinking for this period you will notice a range of benefits including:

You will enjoy a better quality of sleep.

When you have been drinking alcohol you experience a reduction in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. REM sleep is the deepest level of sleep you experience and it is this restorative phase that supports your memory and concentration levels for the following day.

Additionally, alcohol interferes with your circadian rhythm, resulting in your waking up frequently during the night and waking in the morning when you are still tired and in need of more sleep.

You will have more vitality.

Alcohol restricts your body’s ability to absorb vital nutrients, including folic acid, zinc and vitamin B12, all of which contribute to normal, healthy energy levels. In the absence of alcohol, you will find that your energy levels will rise.

You will feel more positive.

Whilst alcohol is often used to provide temporary relief from feelings of stress, anxiety and depression, when its effects wear off you can often find that these emotions return with increased intensity.

Your wallet will benefit.

The financial savings arising from not drinking, and therefore buying, alcohol can be considerable. These cost savings, together with the time saved that was previously spent engaged in drinking can provide you with the scope and possibility of starting a new sport, hobby or interest, or perhaps saving for a holiday or other investment in your future wellbeing.

You will experience a sense of accomplishment.

There is a significant boost to your awareness of your own self-efficacy and personal power when you choose to move forward to improve your physical and emotional wellbeing. Having experienced success in achieving this goal, you will feel more motivated and empowered to continue to advance towards your next set of goals, knowing that you have within you the capacity to succeed.

You will experience the difference that not drinking can make to your life.

This experience will no doubt inform your relationship with alcohol subsequently. Some people return to drinking at a reduced level, many people find they are more aware of their drinking habits and its impact, whilst others may choose to continue to stop drinking, for a longer period, or indefinitely.

Can hypnotherapy help me stop drinking, for 31 days or beyond?

Yes. Hypnotherapy provides an effective support to stopping drinking. By working with your unconscious mind, you are able to release yourself from old, unhelpful ways of relating to alcohol. You are able to step back from your old patterns of behaviour and not only recognise when a situation and its related emotions are triggering you to reach for a drink, but also to find new, more helpful and healthful ways of responding.

By changing your mindset you can change your relationship with alcohol.

By changing your relationship with alcohol you can change your life.

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