interview anxiety and hypnotherapy

How to overcome interview anxiety

…. and win the job you want.

Would you like to learn how to overcome interview anxiety and win the job you want? The good news is that this is within your reach. In this blog I will explore why you experience interview anxiety, what you can do to overcome it and how hypnotherapy can help.

Why do we feel anxious during interviews?

Firstly, it’s important to recognise that a level of anxiety relating to your interview is to be expected. You are entering a situation where you know you are being assessed, you want to be at your best and it’s the final hurdle between you and the role you long for. There is also the awareness that you are not the only candidate and so your performance needs to outshine the rest.

What happens next?

Some people find that once the interview begins and the conversation flows they can relax into the situation, enjoying the opportunity to chat about their knowledge, experience and aspirations. There is almost a feeling of “actually, it is okay, I can do this”. Confidence grows and the initial feelings of anxiety begin to disappear.

For others, the anxiety continues and grows with the demands of the situation. The physical sensations (e.g. dry mouth, sweating palms, nervousness in your stomach) are joined by an inability to think clearly, that can render you unable to clearly retrieve and communicate what you would like to say. You leave the interview knowing you have underperformed and the exact nature of that telephone call you will receive in a few days.

What is the fallout?

The fallout is multi-faceted.

Your confidence falls.

You may start believing “I’m just no good at interviews”.

You may stop applying for new jobs as a result.

Through time this can lead to a growing sense of dissatisfaction with your current role and feelings of frustration in not being able to move forward in your career.


What can you do to overcome interview anxiety?

Prepare well.

In addition to your research and likely question preparation it is also worthwhile to spend time considering your own unique skills and experience and how you will share this knowledge during the interview.

Accept your feelings as they are.

If you try to force yourself to “calm down” you will find that this will only serve to raise your anxiety levels further. Quietly observing                 your feelings, accepting them and knowing that they will pass, will help them to do so, more quickly.

Focus on your breath

Just a few minutes of mindful breathing will reduce your anxiety levels and enable you to feel more grounded and in control.

Practice self-compassion

By purposefully choosing not to judge yourself in terms of how you are feeling at this moment you can avoid becoming entangled in a                spiral of negative thinking.

Nourish yourself in advance

Nourishing factors to aid success include:

  1. Making sure you get enough quality sleep the night before.
  2. Considering carefully what you choose to eat or drink immediately before the interview (e.g. avoiding caffeinated drinks or heavy meals).

Check your perspective

A previous unsuccessful interview is a reflection on the circumstances and your performance at that time.

Not for all time.


How can hypnotherapy help you overcome interview anxiety?

If your interview anxiety is all consuming you may find hypnotherapy helpful.

Using hypnotherapy I can help you change the way you think about interviews.

I can help you to start thinking about interviews in a more positive way and to eliminate the old, unhelpful ways of thinking that have been holding you back.

Using the power of your unconscious mind, I can use gentle suggestions to embed these new ways of thinking.

Your confidence will rise.

You will recognise the many skills and strengths you have.

You will realise that success is within your reach.


If you believe it’s time you overcame your interview anxiety contact me today for a free consultation.