12 days of self-compassionate ChristmasChristmas

The 12 Days of Self-compassionate Christmas

As Christmas rapidly approaches, do you struggle to find time for you? In this blog, the 12 days of Self-compassionate Christmas, we take a whimsical journey to discover how you can  restore and renew in just a few minutes each day.


Day 1 – A Partridge in a Pear Tree

Sitting in a pear tree, the partridge has a good perspective on what is happening all around.

Today set aside a few moments to pause, be still and be mindful, you will gain a new perspective too.


Day 2 – Two turtle doves

Turtle doves are well known for their beautiful song.

When did you last take a few minutes to sing, play or listen to your favourite music ?

You can reset that balance today.


Day 3 – Three French hens

When the carol was written, French hens were considered to be a luxury food item.

Today, take a moment to think about your diet. Are you nourishing yourself with healthy, fresh food ?


Day 4 – Four calling birds

The four birds remind me of togetherness and the importance of our friends. Our journeys may be different but when we come together there is renewal.

Today could be a day to celebrate your friends, whether that’s by remembering a day you shared, being thankful for them in your gratitude diary or calling them, just to let them know they are in your thoughts.


Day 5 – Five golden rings

A golden ring is the protective barrier of a golden circle.

Today is a good day to give thanks for the circles in our lives that we are part of; our communities, friends, colleagues and families.


Day 6 – Six geese a-laying

The goose is a symbol of peace and goodwill.

Will you give yourself the gift of peace today? Watching a candle flame, mindful breathing, or something else?

When you have received the gift of peace, you can be sure it will overflow beyond you!


Day 7 – Seven swans a-swimming

Physical activity is a great way to release your endorphins, the happy hormones.

Afterwards you will find you will sleep better too.


Day 8 – Eight maids a-milking

These have been linked to the Beatitudes in the Bible. The word “beatitude” comes from the Latin word “beatus” meaning blessed.

Would it make a difference to your day if you started by taking a few moments to write down some of the blessings in your life? There is one way to find out…..


Day 9 – Nine ladies dancing

When we dance, we celebrate.

We celebrate the music, the occasion and the joy of moving in time to the music.

Think what you might celebrate today and the form that celebration will take.


Day 10 – Ten lords a-leaping

When we leap up from the ground, we refuse to be constrained by all that is weighing us down.

We rise up from our limiting beliefs to overcome the challenges that lie before us.

Laying aside all that constrains you, dedicate some time to think about your hopes and dreams and visualise yourself leaping over those barriers that seem to be in your way.


Day 11 – Eleven pipers piping

I wonder if you are making your voice heard today?

Are you honouring yourself by honestly and openly expressing your needs?

If not now, then when?


Day 12 – Twelve drummers drumming

The word “rhythm” originates from Greek and means “to flow”.

When we are in a state of “flow” you are feeling at your best and performing at your best.

Today may be a day to notice, notice when you are experiencing that state of flow, and just be grateful for it.

Perhaps you link that experience with a special activity. If you do, then today might also be the day for scheduling in that activity -allowing yourself time to experience “flow” and fully experiencing how wonderful that feels……


If you find it difficult to practice self-compassion, why not contact me today to find out how hypnotherapy can help you overcome this difficulty? Working together, using the power of your subconscious mind, we can eliminate whatever is standing in your way and enable your self-compassion to shine through, for you.